Empower yourself with colours

The relation with yourself and what you wear is much closer then you think, it can be the colours, shapes , and texture, they effect the way you feel. It is a reflection of who we are, and what expressions we'd like to project outward.  Everything around us originates from the 5 elements, colours therefore can fall into these 5 categories:

Fire: red, pink, orange, purple

Water: blue, black

Metal: silver, copper, gold, white

Wood: green

Earth: brown, yellow, grey 



What does your favourite colour say about you?

First let's look at your favourite colour/colours, they can reflect on your personality and mood, and if you find yourself suddenly drawn to a certain colour, there's usually a reason.  

Orange/ The Adventurer : Optimistic, adventurous, risk taking, physical confidence, independence 

Yellow/ The Hope: Knowledge, hopeful, joyful, socially connected

Blue/ The Helper: Honest, loyal, mental secured , helpful

Green/The Peace maker: Growth, renewal, peaceful, stability

Purple/The Creative: Sensitive , compassionate, creative, understanding

Pink/The Gentle Soul: Intuitive, respect, appreciation, sweet, love

Black/The Power: Power, control, intimidating, discipline, mysterious

Red/The Muse: Energizing, leadership, determination, love, sexuality

White/The Protector: Purity, cleaniness, protection, encouragement

Brown/The Ground Keeper: Stability, dependable, wholesome, structured


Here's How to Empower yourself with colours: 

Choosing to wear a particular colour can change the way you feel, and can help you through each and single day with better confidence, can be for a job interview, a date, or even a party.  Remember the key to empowering yourself with colours is to know which colour to wear, if you want to feel wild and adventurous, wear orange and red to a party, if you are feeling mysterious and want to feel powerful, black is always a good choice.